How long does it take to sand my floor?

Usually, we sand, fill, and stain in one day, possibly two days if larger or darker color is desired. The day after staining, we apply the first coat of sealer, and twenty four hours after first coat of sealer is the final coat. Some floors can be done in two days, others may take a week, depending on drying times.

Why choose Angelic Hardwood Floors?

We are among the very best in Oklahoma. We devoted years to other hardwood flooring companies on subcontractor basis, now our company keeps all jobs in-house, using the same professional crews for years. We are fully insured and Oklahoman owned, operated and employed.

I have had water damage, do I need repairs?

Unfortunately, water damage accounts for half of our repeat business. Every floor reacts differently to water, so we would have to see it in person to answer that.

Do you charge up front fees or draws?

Of course not! And we NEVER recommend giving any contractor money. Especially contractors that you are related to. The only time we might need to work something out is if you would like to special order something and the distributor may need compensated upon delivery of materials, but we never charge anything until the job is completed to YOUR standards.


Why don't you do tile or carpet? What else won't you do?

Sorry, our very expensive insurance will not allow us to install tile or carpet. We will remove carpet and some tile, but not asbestos tile or tile with asbestos mastic. We also cannot reconnect water fixtures such as toilets, ice makers, and refrigerators with water lines, which would require a plumber's insurance. We will move a few pieces of furniture within reason, but again, we are floor guys, not movers. If you agree to have us move something, you agree we do not have mover's insurance and assume no liability if something breaks.


What do you recommend to clean my floor?

For our solid hardwood floors with polyurethane sealer:

Eight parts water to one part vinegar.

For engineered floors with factory finish:

Contact manufacturer for specific cleaning details.

If no info, Bona makes a very good product.